Motorcycle Etiquette


As a longtime motorcycle rider, this makes me Crazy!  Parking your motorcycle in the middle of a automobile parking space!  There’s plenty of room to put 2 motorcycles here!

This is the parking lot where I work,  On more than one occasion, I’ve mentioned to the guy who owns this motorcycle if he would just park on one side or the other, 2 bikes could fit in one space. Parking is at a premium here and if the first rider is fortunate enough to get a spot close the to building, it sure would help out the next rider from having to park so far away.  I call this Motorcycle Etiquette.

Just my opinion of course!

4 Responses to “Motorcycle Etiquette”

  1. Here in the UK we struggle to get car park owners to provide suitable dedicated parking zones for motorcycles. Often we are pushed to dark insecure corners or tight spots with awkward slopes. At parks where this happens we make a point of parking one bike to one car space, often we get charged the same as a car anyway! Frequently it eventually leads to suitable provision for all, we get decent bike parking and the car park gets bikes and cars segregated and still makes money from the charges.
    I’m still working on my local supermarket though. . .

  2. It sure is nice when you find a place that has dedicated motorcycle parking. It would be nice to have it hear at work. Our new manager rides a motorcycle, I’ve mentioned it to her, and asked other riders to do the same. Maybe someday we can get it.

  3. I see your point, but the flip side to that is maybe the bike owner doesn’t want to park so close to the huge SUV/pickup in the next space for fear of getting his/her bike hit or toppled over. I think both points are valid. Or could be he’s just a sh…… (-:

  4. Unless he doesn’t want you to park beside him. Lol. I find when I park to one side or the other it is an invitation for cars to park in part of my spot. Oh well. Sometimes some people don’t take the hint. Travel safe. Ride well

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