Another Patch for the Vest


Another patch added to my vest.  I’m almost out of room.  Over the years I’ve added, removed and replaced various patches, keeping the ones that mean the most to me.

Anyone else have a motorcycle vest that they’re proud of?  I’ve spent quite a few years adding to mine.  Maybe in another post I’ll show the different patches on the front & rear and their significance to me.  Each patch brings back memories.  Kind of like going back through my motorcycle journal that I’ve keep over the years on my trips.  Lots of good memories.


3 Responses to “Another Patch for the Vest”

  1. There is just something about riding with a nice vest. Its like putting on a warm pair of sox on a cold day. Its just kind of feels right.

  2. Although I have “standard” ones on my vest, the other ones that have profanity or are ones I would never want ruined go on a “patchwork” I have hanging in my office.

  3. We all face the challenge, so many patches and so little room. Now I just wear my HOG vest with a couple of meaningful patches and the loaded vest is destined to become a mounted wall hanging.

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