Red Mountain and My Motorcycle!

One of my most frequent rides here in Arizona is past Red Mountain.  It’s near my home and when I want to take a quick ride, I usually end up going this direction.  I never get tired of taking photographs of it.  I took this one with my cell phone camera so the quality isn’t very good.


Red Mountain in Arizona


And a shameless photo of my motorcade.

This is the 4th Harley I’ve owned over the years and I can say it’s my favorite (so far…).  It’s a  2016 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited (FLHTK).  I’ve added a few  extra pieces of chrome/bling as well as Vance & Hines Power Duals with 4″ Monster Ovals.

I guess I like taking photos of this too!


2 Responses to “Red Mountain and My Motorcycle!”

  1. The Photo reminds me of an old western movie. I never have ridden a horse but if I grew up before motorcycles were invented, I bet I would have been a cowboy. Keep on riding!!!

  2. I love the southwestern U.S. Whenever people ask me why I ride motorcycles, my reply is always “because it’s the last vestige of being a cowboy.”

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