Wild Game on the Menu! and a 180′ Tall Bridge


We stopped here at the “Buffalo Run Restaurant” here in Marblemount, WA.  Along State Route 20.


They had quite selection here on the menu!  I wasn’t feeling very adventurous, so I just got the Angus Burger.  I was told the Alligator Burger was White Meat.


Deception Pass Bridge along State Route 20.  Construction started in 1934 and ended in 1935.  It sure has been here a long time.  Located in North Whidbey, Oak Harbor, WA 98227.  The bridge is 1487 feet long and only 24 feet wide.  Just enough for two vehicles to pass.



A view from the bridge.  It’s a 180 feet to the bottom.


Another view from the bridge. It was quite a nice view.

3 Responses to “Wild Game on the Menu! and a 180′ Tall Bridge”

  1. I think I’d pass on the ‘gator burger too. Love the bridge photos-beautiful!

  2. Aw, come on guys! Gator burger…. everybody knows it tastes like chicken!

  3. I’d give the Gator Burger a try….so long as it come with chilli sauce!
    That bridge is pretty special, but not for a windy day on two wheels.
    Have fun.

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