Charity Ride for a Veteran – March 2018

I participated in a ride to help support a veteran who lost 2 legs and an arm while serving in Afghanistan.  All proceeds were going to the Veteran.  There was a great turnout for this ride.  I didn’t try to make an actual count, buy by my estimates there were over 1,000 motorcycles on the ride.  At $20 per rider and $10 per passenger, I’d say they raised quite a bit of money for him.


Lot’s of bikes showing up for the ride.


More and more bikes showing up!


Getting ready for the ride.


We arrived at the destination in Cave Creek, AZ.



A good show of support as more and more bikes arrived.


This ride, only about 15-20 miles.  From Scottsdale, AZ to Cave Creek, AZ.  A short ride, but for a worthwhile cause.

5 Responses to “Charity Ride for a Veteran – March 2018”

  1. That’s phenomenal!

  2. Great cause, respect.

  3. Thank you for supporting our veterans! They sacrifice so much an most of our society has no idea who they are or what the sacrifices actually mean for that veterans every day life. We all just go on about our business while men / women like this veteran’s lives are altered forever. My father was a Colonel in the Air Force so I have a real admiration for those who serve our country.

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