2008 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic.

For those that have read my earlier posts, you may recall I purchased a used 2007 Ultra Classic a couple of months ago. After riding it, I just didn’t feel it was right for me. It’s hard to explain, it just wasn’t for me. So, I’ve traded it in for this one. A used 2008 Heritage Softail Classic. It only has 16,000 miles on it! An 11 year old bike! Crazy huh? Whoever had this put a lot of extras on it. Lots of chrome, new pipes, seats, LED headlight to mention a few. I’m not too crazy about so much “bling”, but maybe it’ll grow on me.

3 Responses to “2008 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic.”

  1. I’m like you, normally not too much bling, but wow that dies look sweet and only 16,000 in eleven years, it’s hardly broke in!
    Enjoy my friend, enjoy!

  2. I picked up a 2003 Anniversary Heritage in 2014. Lot’s of chrome and it’s just pretty. I’ll tell you this, you will love the Heritage. It is just a really sweet and comfortable ride.

  3. Looks good. Enjoy!

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