Big Boy 4014

I rode over to watch “Big Boy #4014” pass by. This was taken a few miles west of Maracopa, AZ.

I didn’t know the correct way to take a picture while in movie mode on my phone. So some grid lines showed up when I did screen shots.

A couple shots of my bike while waiting. It was over 2 hours late. I’m glad I waited.

And a few other trains as they passed by today. Might as well get a picture!


Here’s a Quote found online about Big Boy 4014.

“Locomotive No. 4014 is the only operating Big Boy. It was delivered to Union Pacific in 1941 and was retired in 1961 after traveling more than 1 million miles, according to the railroad’s website.

It underwent a multimillion-dollar restoration in 2013 and was returned to service to celebrate the company’s 150-year anniversary.”

3 Responses to “Big Boy 4014”

  1. Nothing beats the power and thunder of those old locomotives!

  2. I’ve been involved with the restoration of a number of steam locomotives here in the UK, but nothing compares with the engineering feat that UP have achieved in returning 4014 to working order. Mind you, with the money and facilities that they have they darn well should have done a good job!
    Very envious that you got to see her!

  3. Wow! Love those old steam locomotives. That’s a boat ton of power there!

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